Fashion is one word that alone defines so many things. It is reflective of what is the latest trend, it is a personification of your personality, and it can define you and alter you at the same time. 

What’s in shade? 

The spring-summer fashion 2022 trends are going to come with their own set of fashion favorites and trending attires. According to Pantone, who have been predicting providing color according to industry standard, the color ‘Veri Peri’ seems to be ranging this year symbolizing the transition this world is going through and how the colors of the virtual/digital life are steadily being inculcated in the real world. We also feel that this year, the oh-so-bubbly lime, the pastel hues, warm tones of yellow, the scenic and serene saffron with its hints of orange and a fair share of reds are all set to steal hearts this season. 



What’s lining up? 

To accentuate the beauty of these shades, we are sure to see some necklines that are set to enhance everyone’s collarbone game. Thelow necks and off shoulder cut-outsare here to cease you into surprise! Moon crescents enunciating on the top-line, underarm corner slits and triangular cut that land right around your ribs have taken the center stage in fashion. This is just the beginning as the hole-punching and whale tales are traversing through everyone’s favorite designs and are being included in the most casual outfits as they remarkably define a balance between both elegance and a strike of seduction. 

Prints imprinted all over 2022! 

Geometric printsare becoming everyone’s go-to choice as they symbolize class and create an underlying statement of creativity. Of course, the warm and soothing essence of spring is set to inspire our fashion choices and we certainly need mood-lifting outfits once the receding winter is followed by a scorching heat. For a not so lovely weather, floral patterns and graphicsare going to be a win-win. We’d suggest you make some space for these flowery beauties as you jostle away life problems in your #OOTD 


Which fabric to root for?  

All of it eventually comes down to fabrics. With your floral prints and sweetheart necklines, light fabrics like Organza, Chiffon, Muslin will be raging be it a sangeet or that beautiful summer dress. We are going to see ladies stride in elegance as these light fabrics are gaining momentum with increasing demand. 

The evergreen blings! 

One can never go wrong with the glimmering sequence that has held ground ever since the 80s era. From shimmering flared pants to scintillating dresses. The gleaming metallic and embroidered sequence is slowly but steadily entering formal wear statement suits and holds to its radiant effect on one’s attires. It seems like the love of sequence is not going anywhere and it is safe to say that there’s no such thing as too much bling! 

Wait, there’s more! 

Fringe has dominated and held ground in Milan Fashion Week. This chic add on to your outfits as the detailed and flowy fringes swing when you move turns out to be a definite eye-catcher. We are also aware of people’s growing fondness and their love of lace. We believe it holds a charm that is bound by no era. 

Every year, something holds the potential to set a trend and make people fall in love with it. Fashion is a movement that signifies empowerment and the ability to choose. The aforementioned prints, designs are some of our fashion predictions for you to experiment and choose from. So play with your style since fashion is a vision to the future and a memoir of the past. It is a constant that always changes.