20 years ago, AAS rose out of a woman's dream to start something of her own. It grew from a small business run by a woman with no background in fashion to where it is today.  

What makes AAS stand apart is the liberty it provides its customers to customise at every stage - right from the fabric selection to colour, embroidery & size requirements! The aim has always been to create pieces that resonate with our client’s dreams, through a personalised experience that keeps their comfort as the utmost priority.  

Ever since its inception, the brand has faced a fair share of ups and downs. But our resilience has always borne fruits and stands as a perfect example to never give up and keep chasing one’s dreams.  

Taking you down memory lane, Arti, the founder of AAS, had just finished her Master's in Finance when she realised she wanted something other than her choice of academia. She began her journey in 1999 and took a trip to Kolkata where she brought sarees back home to sell either to private clients or in the wholesale market.  

After exploring ideas and products she learned one thing; she had a natural talent for creating, curating and putting pieces together for the Indian woman to adorn. Hence, she started customising pieces for her clients delivering the most intricate designs sewed with hard work and talent.  

 She visited the small lanes of art-rich cities of the Indian subcontinent and took on herself to get the best work for her clients. She brought back delicate and eye-pleasing pieces embroidered with Jat work, Suf, Rabari crafted with Chikankari from Lucknow, Kasuti from Karnataka, Kantha from West Bengal.  

 After a few years of a successful wholesale business, she found a small shop in her locality and decided to expand her vocation by selling embroidered blouses. She was true to her passion and this new venture turned out to be a hit. Since then, there has been no looking back.  

Her sisters followed suit. Suvidha, a NIFT Delhi graduate and Akansha, a Pearl Academy graduate joined their sister in expanding their reach and delivering the most beautiful and beguiling pieces to their clients. AAS IS a 100% self-grown & women-led brand that has now catered to different generations from the same family! We have independently managed to reach where we are today. AAS has a wide range of high-end luxury clothing hand-crafted by our very own skilled karigars.  

With one dream and utter resilience and an experience of 20 years, we are ready to take over as an online retail business and deliver to a wider range of clients. We are ready to widen our horizon as we bring to you the most exuberant pieces, with each telling a story of its own. Our zeal, motive and sense of approach remain the same as hope to deliver to the best of our ability and bring forth premium clothing that will set you apart.