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Lucknowi embroidery, also known as Chikankari, is a revered craft that has its origins in the city of Luck- now, India. This exquisite handwork reflects the rich cultural heritage of Lucknow and has become an integral part of its identity. With its delicate designs and meticulous craftsmanship, Lucknowi embroidery has stood the test of time, captivating people around the world.

Historical Significance of Lucknowi Embroidery

Lucknowi embroidery the craft was introduced to Lucknow by Nur Jahan, the wife of Emperor Jahangir, who had a profound love for embroidery. Over time, the craft evolved, blending influences from Persian and Mughal styles, resulting in the unique aesthetic that defines Lucknowi embroidery.

Craftsmanship and Techniques

aascouture Lucknowi embroidery

Lucknowi embroidery is primarily executed on lightweight fabrics such as muslin, chiffon, and silk. The process involves creating intricate patterns using white thread, which is often embellished with sequins, beads, and mirror work. Nature-inspired motifs, including flowers, birds, leaves, and vines, are common in Lucknowi designs. Skilled artisans, known as chikan karigars, employ techniques such as backstitch, chain stitch, and shadow work to create a three-dimensional effect and play with light and shadow.

Delicate Beauty and Ethereal Quality

The finesse and intricacy of Lucknowi embroidery set it apart from other forms of embellishment. The craftsmen meticulously stitch each pattern, resulting in a delicacy that can make the fabric appear almost translucent. This ethereal quality gives Lucknowi embroidered garments a timeless and elegant charm. The attention to detail and precision showcased in every stitch makes Lucknowi embroidery a testament to the artisans' dedication.

Influence in Fashion

aascouture Lucknowi embroidery

Lucknowi embroidery has gained international recognition and has become highly sought after in the fashion industry. Leading designers incorporate this exquisite craft into their collections, showcasing its timeless beauty. From bridal wear and couture outfits to sarees, kurtas, and accessories, Lucknowi embroidery adds an elegant touch to a wide range of garments. Its versatility and sophistication have made it a favorite among fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters worldwide. Get Now...>

Preservation and Promotion

Efforts have been made to preserve and promote Lucknowi embroidery as a traditional craft. Various organizations and government initiatives support the artisans and provide training programs to younger generations, ensuring the continuity of this art form. Exhibitions and fashion shows are organized to showcase the masterpieces created by skilled chikan karigars, bringing deserved recognition to their talent and dedication. Know More....


Lucknowi embroidery, with its delicate designs, meticulous craftsmanship, and rich history, remains a timeless craft from the heart of Lucknow. It is a symbol of the city's cultural heritage and continues to enchant people globally. As efforts are made to preserve and promote this traditional art form, Lucknowi embroidery will continue to thrive and inspire future generations, ensuring that its beauty and elegance endure for years to come.

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